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Soccer Team- DeWitt Panthers?

Elijah B.


Thanks for reading and the feedback (i.e. - "holy crap! someone read my blog post!"). Although unfortunate and counterproductive, some of the stories & reasoning people come up with ARE kind of amusing (i.e. - "After trashing my workspace, pulling my hair out, fighting back tears, and cursing at loud volumes - I sorta chuckle."). Best of luck and, y'never know, you may you always get honest potential employees with spotless pre-hire screens! (i.e. - "Keep lovin' that job despite the setbacks - and, y'know, that could happ.... hahahahahahahaha - right."

Thanks - Elijah B.

Jenny Switzer

Oh my goodness! I know! It is the recruiters worst pet-peeve. Great links too, they are so funny. Well done and what a fun blog. I recommend!

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