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Elijah B.

In regards to askin' for raises, perks, benies, etc -

You're right - perception has framed a lot of people's respective reality. And maybe that's a good thing.

Scare-the-bijeezus-outta-people articles and all-too-semi-accurate economy news stories over the last 2+ years have lead to just that - people takin' a one-step lead (baseball term). Why is that good? Maybe then peeps'll stop buying things they don't need with money they don't have to impress people they don't like. This isn't 1983. And c'mon - can y'blame the current workforce? Think they wanna be Ma n' Pa on the next John Hancock commercial? Texting their other Boomer friends about how they don't have anything left and have to move in w/ the kids? Pry not.

It's only natural from the self-preservation angle; while terms like appreciation, balance, and contentment come back into vogue. "My future is uncertain - but this job as a Technician/Temp Supervisor/etc isn't - at least for right now. So I'll take the bird in hand - even if it craps."

Now, I'm not saying you should wallow in a career that makes you miserable or depressed - for whatever variable(s) cause the disdain. Or, not speak up when you have just cause regarding comp. But I think what the "Millenials" are showing - and what peeps should always consider - is when facts and your responsibilities may overshadow personal/professional "entitlement", or whatever you want to call it.
Bas-ick-uh-lee - Know the difference. That's all. You think you deserve a raise? Are you entitled to one? Go ahead and march in the boss' office - but PROVE it.

1. Know your company's position. Things goin' well? Record year? 2. Know your role. Are you the reason why things are going so well? 3. Bring the NUMBERS - and state your case - with examples. Why is it that what you've done - is so deserving of a raise? Show 'em.

If it ain't that way - do work son, & make it that way. Then you can have your day in arbitration. Otherwise, work hard & be happy to be employed. Lotsa people aren't.

Just sayin'.

Oh - and the difference is... you run a company that already offers those individuals (within the Sales Dept, at least) to "make their own raise" per se. :) If you're willing to do the work & take advantage of the opportunity - you'll see the results - and the chedda. Be pretty silly to walk in and ask for a raise - if you're not walkin' in and producing a raise for yourself. Again, just sayin'.


I think it is cyclical. As you mentioned we are on the edge of having a huge portion of the population that is going to retire or semi retire and the tide will shift back to the workers favor I think. Maybe not all the way back where it was but I do see workers having a little more bargaining power once there are more positions available and companies compete for top talent. And if the millenials prove their worth they will have a big impact on culture and working environment, so stock up on cookies and medals, they will all want one just for showing up and participating!


Are you telling us we should come ask for more money? :)

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